If you found this page, you're likely experiencing sound issues with your Ritmo Basic... 
Splitter caused issues with music and/or vocals.
Ritmo Basic (many but not all units, check your sound).  NOT the Ritmo Advanced, this model was not effected.
For now, anyone who emails us with a Ritmo Basic will get a new splitter at no charge.  This will go on for some time, before we end this offer.
To do:  
All you need to do is fill out this form.  You're name will not sold, traded, or anything other than put on to a mailing label.   We may reach out via email if we need to around the part or product.  It will come US Mail.  
Here is the bad splitter on the left and the new splitter on the right.  
Fill out this online form to receive your replacement for you Ritmo Basic.