"My boyfriend and I have enjoyed this product so very much. I've been using it since I was 18 weeks & I'm now almost 23 weeks. We've started traditions for us using this, my boyfriend reads our little one a bedtime story every night. & the first time we saw her/felt her moving was when he started reading. :) Not to mention, using this has helped with decreasing stress levels.  I play her music every night after story time & periodically throughout the day. I highly recommend this product. We love it & we think our little one does too.

- Farah H.
Verified Buyer

"Thank you, Marlene, for the groovy Ritmo player. What a fantastic idea. Our little girl will be musically educated right out of the womb! What a generous gift. We really apprecite it! All the best.

- Bree Turner
Actress, The Ugly Truth

"My husband and I were very excited to receive your product in a gift bag.  We recorded ourselves reading stories and downloaded that as well as some of my husband's music on an iPod so our Gestational Surrogate could play it for our babies using your product.  THANK YOU!

- Deanna & Chris Daughtry

"He: "That is the coolest thing ever."  She: "Do you love that?  The baby's listening to music."  He: "What are you guys listening to?" She: "Wallflowers & Gangsta Rap!" He: "I love it!

- Bethanny Frankel & Jason Hoppy
As seen on Bethenny Getting Married

"Just wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU!!! I love this prenatal music player!  What a great idea!  Just adorable.  Thanks again and you know I'll get tons of use out of this.

- Alana de la Garza
Actress, Law and Order

"Life doesn't stop when you become pregnant, and Ritmo found a way to share music while doing pretty much anything you would have done prior to becoming pregnant. There is no other pregnancy gift that gives entire families the chance to bond and continues to be useful after pregnancy. Ritmo has applications for infants and toddlers that are all coming soon.

- Doug Campbell
Executive Vice President of Programming for The Balancing Act

"What a treat! I was curious about music for little baby boy. It is the perfect gift and I will get one for my friends when they have little ears forming. Really exciting. I am having a wonderful pregnancy and this will help make it even better. Thank you!

- Selma Blair

"Thank you so much for my Ritmo Sound System - went for #CSNY for first song Southern Cross baby boy is lovin' it!

- Kate Dillon

"My husband and I wanted to thank Nuvo Group for our Ritmo music player. We used it right away and enjoyed sitting together relaxing and playing music for our baby girl. We are looking forward to using it again tonight!

- Erin & Ian Ziering
Actor, Beverly Hills 90210

Here's what some happy customers have to say about Ritmo...


"I didn’t know how uncomfortable I was until I would wear the belt and feel a huge sense of weight being lifted off of my back. I wore it ALL day for 4 days in a row and didn’t want to take it off when it was time to go home. The stretchy fabric was nice because it could grow with me as I got bigger. I was also able to adjust it to fit me the right way, although I never had to do any adjusting from the moment I put it on until I took it off.“ We love our Ritmo! I wear it while making dinner, cleaning house, etc. It’s so much fun to see how active our baby is with different types of music! We also downloaded some of our favorite books and use our Ritmo to allow the baby to listen to them! Great product! Comfy & fun! Thanks again!"

- Lisa


“My Ritmo is so comfortable I wear it when I’m cleaning house, watching TV, or even reading a book,” says Tara Meussling. “I am a big fan of the Temptations so I play them on my Ritmo so my baby can enjoy it too. When he starts moving, I know it’s working!”

- Tara

Great for Exercise

“I have been using Ritmo for about two months and love it. It is easy to use and awesome for working out. Just put it on and insert your iPod and go! You can control the sound with different volumes for you and the baby.”

- Jeri


“We read all of the research on your site, then looked up other music and babies in the womb type studies to gauge how safe it was. We weren’t looking to make our baby “smarter” by playing music to her, we just wanted to know we could communicate music and sounds safely to her.”

- Ryan & Jessica

"The sound controller lends a first-time-mom (like me)some additional peace of mind that I am not harming my baby's ears. Even though there is limited risk at injuring the baby, it is nice to know I can't do harm with the Ritmo Smart-Sound technology"

- B.D. Amherst

Great to Relax

“My wife also uses it when listening to meditation exercises from her doula and I am so glad that they (wife and the dude) can share that and relax together. Highly recommend this... it’s a life changer.”

- Anonymous

Preparing Baby for Home

“We bought this primarily to get the baby used to sounds that we could control. We heard from multiple new parents that the only thing to calm their infants were sounds they were used to hearing, examples: shower, car motor, hair dryer, etc. We are thinking that if we could get the baby used to some classical music and lullaby renditions of the beatles that we could then just play the same playlist and be able to calm our future baby. This may be wishful thinking but for this price it’s worth the risk to get a few more hours of sleep later on.”

- L. Simpson

Including the Entire Family

“I’ve recorded my fiancé reading classic fairytales and lullabies. I also recorded my 6 and 5 year old singing the ABC’s and counting to 20 slowly. I want my child to learn as early as possible! It’s so completely comfortable. I usually forget that I’m wearing it. I’m glad there’s an extender piece because I’ll probably need it in my last trimester. I feel confident and like a forward thinking modern mom who cares about the future of my little one. “

- Jessika

I Love My Ritmo

“I have been using my Ritmo for three months and I love it to bits. Baby moves a lot when I wear my Ritmo :)”

- Anna

“Fantastic product, we bought a second Ritmo Sound System (the second one as a present, very original), my wife was very happy with it, easY to wash and to use.”

- Emilio

“I bought a Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System from Spain some weeks ago. I write to you just to say that the product is fantastic, our baby moves a lot while listening to music, it’s easy to use, comfortable, beautiful and I haven’t had any problem with the charger and the electrical specifications.”

- Alberto

“It is comfy and I like being able to communicate with the baby. I even had my husband record himself reading books, and imported it into my ipod so he can “read” to the baby when he’s out of town for work. It’s awesome!”

- Jessica

Happy Dads-To-Be

“We just received our Ritmo, and we are so excited about it. The packaging is beautiful my wife loves how it feels when she wears it... I’m thrilled that we can enjoy our music with our baby, we love the Beatles.”

- Anonymous

Great Gift!

“I just gave Ritmo to a friend and she loves it. Her older kids love putting the headphones on their ears and playing their favorite music to their new brother. Her parents recorded themselves reading their favorite children’s book so the baby would be familiar with their voices once the baby is born. My friend also loves how much belly support it provides. All in all a great gift.”

- Steve

Long Distance Bonding

"My husband travels internationally so we plan to record him reading bedtime stories to the baby for me to share when he is out of town. We are also asking my parents (who live out of town) to do the same. It is a nice way to expose the baby to voices that should be familiar one day"

- B.D. Amherst

Great Value

"I was initially concerned about the price but compared to a product I have been using recently, I am much happier with this one. While this product cost twice as much as the other sound system I have been using, I feel the previous system is way too over priced and that this one is worth it. It is definitely comfortable and I can wear it while doing house work, walking, or resting!"

- C