The Most Advanced Line of Pregnancy Audio Products on the Market Today!

Ritmo is a comfortable, safe, and fun way to play music to your baby in the womb.

Ritmo provides an award-winning combination of state-of-the-art prenatal acoustic technology, versatility, and functionality.

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Total Peace of Mind

RITMO connects seamlessly to your own audio player, so your baby will hear the sounds that are most important to you, from your favorite Beatles song to Dad reading a goodnight story.

Designed specifically for prenatal use, Ritmo's sound output is safe and ideal for a baby in the womb, and doubles as an excellent support belt for today's active mother.  Ritmo helps take the load off your mind and body.

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The Science of Sound and Safety

Why is RITMO so useful? Hearing is the most developed of all senses before birth...the baby can hear clearly from 17 weeks of pregnancy. Numerous studies show that playing music to a baby during pregnancy increases bonding and reduces stress. Basically, when mom is relaxed and happy, then baby is too.

RITMO's state-of-the-art technology is backed by countless hours of research; Ritmo's unique acoustic delivery system spreads the music across several points around the womb, ensuring that volume is not overly concentrated in any one place and thus causing harm to the baby.

We call this Ritmo's Safe and Sound Technology. Expectant parents call this "Total Peace of Mind".

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RITMO in Action