Ritmo Pregnancy Audio Belt

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Brand Ritmo

The Ritmo Pregnancy Audio Belt is a simple, technological way to safely and conveniently deliver music, recorded voices, and sounds from your phone or mp3 player directly to a baby still in the womb. Our innovative four-speaker surround sound belt is one-of-a-kind, and the belt itself is the perfect support belt for the active mother-to-be. Every second with your child is precious and fleeting, so start bonding with your baby before birth with Ritmo.

Fits comfortably around the womb and effectively distributes music to the baby

Support belt is perfect for mothers-to-be with active lifestyles.

High-quality audio technology delivers crystal-clear sound at safe levels.

The Most Advanced Pregnancy Audio System

Research has shown that exposing your baby to different kinds of music during and after pregnancy will stimulate your baby's senses and improving his or her brain development. In fact, developing babies can hear sounds as early as 17 weeks. Ritmo's revolutionary four-speaker surround sound system instead of the standard one or two allows the Ritmo Pregnancy Audio Belt spreads sounds across the entire womb instead of concentrating sound in specific areas. This 360-degree listening experience delivers quality sound however the baby is positioned in the belly.


Nurture the Bond Between You and Your Baby

Ritmo babies are provided the unique opportunity to develop strong bonds with their parents by listening to sounds and music while still in the womb. By playing your favorite songs through your own iPod, mp3 or smartphone through the Ritmo Audio Belt, your baby hears the music and sounds that are important to you.

Future fathers can also enjoy the benefits of Ritmo Advanced by choosing their own favorite music or loading audio of their voice reading a bedtime story onto your device. These patterns and sounds of music or voices help to produce a calming effect on babies in the womb, which can even have positive effects after they are born.


Stylish, Comfortable, and Supportive for Mommy

The Ritmo Audio belt is made of supportive, stretchy Spandex fabric that fits snugly and comfortably around your entire stomach. Moms love that Ritmo is a great support belt in addition to a pregnancy audio device, so even if you have a busy and active schedule, Ritmo is always accurately positioned in the right locations on your belly. The included extender belt can be used to fit any growing belly throughout pregnancy, while the modern and stylish design makes the Ritmo an accessory you'll actually be excited and proud to wear.

The Ritmo Pregnancy Audio Belt is backed by a manufacturer's one-year warranty.

What's in the Box

Pre-assembled Ritmo Premium Pregnancy Audio Belt, 4 mini premium speakers, extender belt, and detailed instructional booklet.


Ritmo Pregnancy Audio Belt