PregSense Baby Health Monitor - Coming Soon to North America in 2016

The Nuvo Group is currently developing and testing our next revolutionary pregnancy wearable - the PregSense baby health monitor.  This device, a belt worn by the mother, will be able to send key pieces of data to the wearer's smartphone via Bluetooth, which can then be analyzed by the parents or doctors.

Oren Oz, who leads The Nuvo Group, has this to say about the new device:

"Now you can see both you and the baby, the heart and all the data. What you are going to get in the app eventually is visualization that can tell you where the hand is, you're going to see if the baby is awake, you can hear your baby's heartbeat anytime you want and obviously everything about you as the mom, the activity, if you are relaxed, how you sleep, your activity, your heart activity, everything about your pregnancy will be put into data"

The PregSense will be crucial after the 32nd week of pregnancy, when constant monitoring is required. It will play a great role in helping physicians predict and prevent complications, which often require early detection.

Unlike traditional ultrasound doppler devices, which require the mother to lie still while physicians track the heartbeat, the PregSense baby health monitor uses a patented algorithm to divide the signals into two heartbeat recordings.  This method also avoids any potential harm to the tissue that may be caused by extensive use of ultrasonic devices.

The consumer grade version of the PregSense monitor is expected to cost around $250.  There will also be a clinical-grade,  FDA-regulated version of the product for doctors, which should be available in 2016.  

Read more about the PregSense baby health monitor in this featured exclusive by Reuters.

October 12, 2015 by Cal Lupton